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This CPD Certified online training has been developed to provide safeguarding for food businesses, to enable them to safeguard their customers.


It is understood from speaking with Trading Standards and Environmental Health Food Safety Teams throughout the UK, that many food businesses are struggling to keep up with and follow the food allergy regulations that they are legally required to follow. Many do not understand exactly what is required of them and are therefore not compliant with these laws, putting their businesses and their customers at risk.


The training and guidance provided, aim to deliver this information in a way that is clear and concise and to give you the toolkit you need to easily put these processes in place.

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My Story

For some background on me and my expertise, I  worked in the allergy field (for national charity Allergy UK) for over 14 years. From working closely with the allergic community during this time, I gained a clear understanding of the challenges they are facing, particularly when it comes to eating out. I also know from my work that food businesses serving customers are facing challenges of their own when it comes to catering for people with food allergies, and it really doesn't need to be as overwhelming as it seems.

I also believe that even if you have a food allergy you should be able to go out and eat safely, whether it's popping into a cafe to meet a friend for a coffee and cake, going out to a restaurant to celebrate with family and friends,  enjoying a romantic meal, or getting a takeaway, it should be possible to do so without fearing for your life!


This training aims to provide confidence for people working in food businesses, to enable them to implement robust allergen management procedures, which provide a safer food service for their customers.

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