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S. Page, Senior EHO (2022)

This was a very educational course on how businesses can best ensure that they fully manage the use of allergens within their kitchen. The delivery of this information by Leigh was clear, interactive and above all interesting. I really enjoyed it! I would definitely recommend this course if you are new to the requirements surrounding allergen control or need a refresher.


As an Environmental Health Officer working in food safety I look at both legislation and how non-compliance can affect an outcome. I provide advice and take action if necessary, but I believe that businesses who participate in this course will be able to relate more to what we as officers are asking of them. If they participate in this course they will never forget the content as it focuses on the devastating effects that ineffective allergen management can have on those families affected and the knock-on effect to them as a business . It really stuck a chord with me! It really brings to life the importance of why allergen control in the business is so important and reinforces the idea that everyone has a responsibility to ensure that no-one ever loses a life over what should be a pleasurable experience. 

R. Wise

Leigh was very thorough in her training and gave some excellent case studies which really highlighted the importance of allergens and why everyone in the hospitality industry should be trained. I would recommend anyone in the industry to undertake allergen training to reduce the chance of a serious case occurring.

Leigh followed up the training with useful links to help towards furthering training and implanting within the workplace. A really important qualification to have for anyone in the hospitality industry.

The management of how to train staff to implement procedures and monitor these was very clear.

E. Anscombe

Informative, delivered at a good pace, interactive

P. Wright EHO

Great training for business to get a firm accurate handle on what they need to do to give their customers the information they need about the food they are buying.

S. Edwards EHO

Really useful and insightful training, thanks.

P. Elphick EHO

Leigh’s training was informative and interesting and vital in learning how important food allergens are in everyday life and how they affect people’s lives.

R. Hoyland EHO

Thank you for the training it was very good. I would recommend all food businesses take part in this training particularly where food is prepared on the premises.

L. Costen

I found this training extremely helpful and informative. I learned a lot of useful information.

K. Gray

I appreciated the fact that the training was live, which made it much more personal. The interactive elements also meant that our attention was kept throughout the course.

As I am coming into this as a newbie, all of this information can be quite overwhelming to me, through fear of getting it wrong. Therefore, all of the processes are new to me and so I can understand how some things may be easily missed if you weren’t careful.

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