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Allergen Awareness Training Ltd

Embrace an 'inclusive' mindset to increase your business, safeguard your customers and your business!

We provide live online CPD Certified training for food businesses of all types, including but not limited to café's, sandwich bars, takeaways, restaurants, catering suppliers for care homes and schools.

Now, more than ever, it is absolutely vital for all food businesses to take food allergy seriously and to understand how to best provide the allergen information required by law, and how to implement robust procedures to safeguard their customers and their business.

Our training is provided in-person via an online platform and is informative and interactive, making it easier to understand what ‘best practice’ looks like. These sessions also allow for questions, giving you the opportunity to ask specific questions tailored to your business needs.

Our Services

What's Covered 

The Allergen Awareness Training being offered is a 3-hour session that covers these key areas:

  • Natasha's Law - What's required for PPDS (Pre-Packed for Direct Sale foods) 

  • Understand the FIR law and what is required when providing allergen information for your customers 

  • Learn about the legally recognised allergens 

  • Understand where allergens may be ‘hiding,’ within the ingredients used in the menu 

  • Demonstrate the importance of robust allergen management procedures being implemented throughout the business

  • Best practice for providing allergen information, including when taking orders over the phone and online  

  • Understand the difference between allergy, intolerance and other dietary needs and the allergen information required 

  • What to do when things go wrong, e.g., Anaphylaxis  

  • Understand the potential criminal consequences of not providing the correct allergen information 

  • 'May contain', how and when to use 

  • Fully interactive to discuss and answer any questions, all delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

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